BeeBee Advisory

Our Services & Expertise

30+ team of CAs, ACCAs , bookkeepers and analysts led by Partners with Big4 background and 10+ years of experience

Our team is your team, our model is simple: Enabling you with the team, technology, and tools to run your business with financial and strategic clarity

End to End Bookkeeping & Accounting

Accounts Reconciliation Services | Accounts Receivables & Payables | Inventory Management | Cashflow Management

Financial Reporting

Daily/ Weekly/ Monthly Reporting| Periodic Report Maintenance | Report Rationalization | Revenue Management | Customized Reports Ad-hoc Reports

Advanced Financial Model Development & Analytics

Cashflow Modeling | Strategic Business Forecasting | KPI & Insight Generations | Valuation Modeling | Descriptive Analytics

Visualization Solutions

Dashboard and Scorecards | Intelligent Dashboards | Self-service Dashboards | Visual Analytics

Virtual CFO & Business Strategy

Business Development | Fund Raising | Business Advisory | Investment Advisory Services | Business Risk Services

Business Report

Payroll Processing | Data Entry | Inventory Management | Documentation Management | Revenue Management

Leverage the benefit of a complete finance team or choose what you need. We have a proven track record of exceeding expectations.



  • ■ Responsible for overall delivery and quality
  • ■ Provides FP&A and Strategic Support
  • ■ Regular internal review and team meetings
  • ■ Scheduled client meetings once or twice a week
  • ■ Available on call and chat
  • ■ Travel to client location for meetings and deliverables


  • ■ Reviews transactional work on a daily basis
  • ■ Provides regular updates to client and Partner
  • ■ Attends call on a daily basis
  • ■ Available during business hours
  • ■ Assists with strategic tasks and FP&A


  • ■ Creates financial models and dashboards
  • ■ Implements Business Intelligence Tools
  • ■ Manages budgets, forecasts and cash planning


  • ■ Responsible for transactional accounting work – Account reconciliations, bank reconciliations, book closure, AP Management, AR Management, Collections, Payments etc.
  • ■ Active on emails, chat and calls during business hours


  • ■ Provides assistance to team
  • ■ Responsible for manual repetitive tasks under supervison

What keeps our clients happy?

01 Automated Transparency

Building a system that enables all stakeholders to have continued access to performance reports of their business

02 Business Focused Accounting

Maintaining accounting books to answer all business questions - margins, segment profitability, cash positions

03 Analysis that helps!

The skill is in presenting the most complex solutions or models in the most simple manner that drives actions. Our team has mastered this skill over the years.

A team trained to work in diverse industries and ready for challenges

E-commerce (Amazon, Ebay, Shopify, Walmart, Woocommerce & many more)

IT (CSP, Managed IT Services, Azure)

SAAS (Software as a Service)

Fintech (specifically Consumer Finance)

Hospitality (Hotels and Short Term Rentals)

Food & Beverage (Restaurants and Online DTC)

Crypto Currency (Trading, DeFi, Liquidity, NFT etc)

Health Care and Medical Practitioners

Service Providers, Consultants and Agencies

Cannabis and Hemp based Products

Real Estate (Builders, Consultants and Trusts)

Fitness, Nutrition and Online Coaching

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